Our investment philosophy

A focus on capital preservation

An important consideration for anyone selecting an investment manager is the philosophy that guides their decision making. Hear James Johnsen explain more about our approach.

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Understanding Investment Risk

What investors need to know before making any decisions on their wealth

We have reviewed the key risks involved and provided an easy to understand explanation of each. For those who prefer to learn away from a screen there is also a infographic for download. 

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The role of diversification

A strategy to help smooth volatility

James Johnsen, Head of Private Clients, explains how Church House uses diversification when constructing portfolios and, for added risk control, within the funds that form the 'building blocks' of those portfolios. 

May 2020

Is now the right time to invest cash reserves?

Capitalising on attractive market prices and improving on low interest rates

James Johnsen, Head of Private Clients, explains in what circumstances investors would consider an ideal time to invest surplus cash reserves. 

June 2020

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