The Fund provides investors with the opportunity for capital growth by investing predominantly in UK companies. The central strategy of the fund managers is to achieve long-term returns by investing in high quality companies, with strong fundamentals and management. 

Latest Fund Factsheet

Prioritising growth

A valuation driven approach to maximise returns for investors

UK Equity Investments

Managers expect to hold a minimum of 80% of fund investments in UK companies

Focus on FTSE 350

Fund holdings are typically made up of companies listed in the top 350 on the London Stock Exchange

Broad sector coverage

Delivering diversification by investing in a range of industries within a streamlined portfolio of around 30-40 holdings

In the Markets with Fred & Rory

A podcast featuring our UK Fund Managers, Fred Mahon and Rory Campbell-Lamerton, looking at what has happened recently in financial markets. Breaking topics down to easily digestable, bitesize topics, the Fund Managers provide their informed views and insights as well as their outlook.

You can now follow and download the podcast on any of these streaming platforms.

How to invest


Financial Advisers, wealth managers and other professionals will find our funds listed on a wide range of retail platforms and they also appear on the main fund trading exchanges. A full list of the platforms we support is available using the link below.

Direct Investors

We also have arrangements in place for individuals who want to invest directly without either our wealth planning or portfolio management services. For more information including full instructions, please use the link below.

Platforms and direct investing

Contact us

To discuss your requirements, or to find out more about our funds and services, please contact us:

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