Emma Parkes joins the Life After Yachting Brexit virtual update to help crew recognise fact from fiction when it comes to investment

With investment fraud on the rise, in part due to the turmoil created by Covid, we all need to be able to differentiate between a piece of genuine advice and an attempt to steal our savings.

Yacht Crew are a great target for scammers with many enjoying a high level of disposable income as accommodation and other living costs are met while at sea. To help address this, Emma Parkes recently participated in a virtual update from Life After Yachting, which was also broadcast on SuperYacht radio.

Emma was able to pass on some great advice to the attendees on what to look out for when they receive what may seem to be very attractive invitations to invest. This was matched with some recommended questions to ask when talking to potential providers of investment products and advice.

Emma said “Now is a prime time for scammers to target people with fake schemes. Job insecurity, Brexit and tax-year end will all be seen by fraudsters as a great opportunity to tempt people into making quick decisions about their money. Being cautious and knowing the right questions to ask are key to helping crew select the best advice for them.”

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