An award winning defensive holding for a balanced portfolio

As markets become more volatile due to trade wars turmoil and the uncertainty caused by the dreaded 'B' word, it is no surprise that investors are focused on funds that are designed to limit downside risk.

The Church House Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund has now joined the Investors Chronicle select group of Top 100 Funds of 2019 in the Wealth Preservation category, following a reader recommendation. The article published to update readers on this list stated "This multi-asset fund aims to make positive returns over rolling 12-month periods with low levels of volatility, as capital preservation is a key aim. The fund launched in 2007 since when it has a good record of delivering positive returns." Adding "And its cumulative returns beat the IA Targeted Absolute Return fund sector average over three, five and 10 years, by quite some margin over the longer periods".

Tenax is one of six funds managed by Church House Investments, which are used as the 'building blocks' of two discretionary managed portfolio services. They are also available to investment professionals, such as financial advisers and wealth managers, with wide platform coverage. The fund carries a 5-Crown Rating from independent research business, FE Trustnet, and is also the winner of the 5-year Lipper performance award in the Absolute Return GBP Low category.

The article summarised the fund by quoting analysts Fund Calibre, who said “This is one of the few absolute return funds with a track record which goes back beyond 2008 and the global financial crisis. It is run by two very experienced managers and is an extremely useful portfolio diversifier".

Click here to view the piece in Investors Chronicle.

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