Church House donates laptops in support of the Wiltshire Digital Drive campaign

Today saw our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Andrea Steel, handover four out-of-service laptops to Simon Walker, Partner at Mogers Drewett Solicitors. With both businesses having offices in Sherborne, we know each other well and so we were delighted to support Simon and his team in collecting laptops for recycling.

The machines collected all go to the Wiltshire Digital Drive, an organisation whose mission is to refurbish and recycle donated laptops to gift back to the community, enabling education in Wiltshire and bridging the digital divide.

Simon said, "Our goal is to ensure no child is left behind", referring to the inequality of access to the equipment and services necessary to support learning from home or school. With a goal of securing 50 laptops in the month of February, they have broken through that barrier with 51, excluding those from Church House.

Andrea Steel said, "We wanted to help our friends at Mogers Drewett and, in so doing, support the great work of the Wiltshire Drive Campaign. Hopefully, these four machines can make a positive difference to a young person or family in need."

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