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We are pleased to announce that from 7th September, Church House has started a phased return to normal working practices.

This decision has been taken after careful consideration and our first priority has been to provide a safe environment for all staff. Those individuals who have been working remotely from late March, will now return to our London and Sherborne offices, on a part-time and rota basis. As this is not a full scale return, many team members will still be working from home for part of the week. Each office has been subject to a thorough risk assessment and we have taken a variety of measures to minimise the dangers of infection.

Private clients and professional fund buyers should not notice any change. At this time we believe it makes sense to continue to hold most meetings remotely but in certain circumstances we can do offsite engagements or allow visitors. Please talk to your contact for more information.

We believe this is a sensible step to be taking at this time and that it is in the best interests of the business and the team. In the coming weeks and months, assuming the threat of a second wave of the virus remains low, we hope to reinstate normal working conditions across the board and remove restrictions on external meetings and visitors to the offices.

We sincerely appreciate your support during this unique and challenging time. Please do get in touch if you have any questions. 

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