Goathill Farm wins Church House sponsored Green/Eco Business of the Year in the 2022 Sherborne Business Awards.

In the heart of the stunning Dorset countryside stands Goathill Farm. It offers visitors the opportunity to have an eco-conscious holiday - with no compromise on luxury. Nestled in the rolling hills of their organic farm are two shepherd's huts for short breaks, lovingly called Bill's and Edgar's.

Each is equipped with everything one might need for a special getaway, leaving guests to while away their time watching the local wildlife, sitting by the firepit or playing board games.

“Prior to starting at Goathill Farm, I worked as a research scientist in an environmental field, so I have from the beginning been very conscious of wanting to create not only a sustainable but actively good for the environment business!” said Miss Annabel Buckland.

The environmental credentials which appealed to the Sherborne Business Awards judges included a tree planting experience that guests can book with their stay. This allows everyone to have a positive impact on the environment - as their trees will continue to take in carbon for many years to come and guests will receive a certificate of how much carbon their trees will take in over their lifetime! Over the past two years, they have planted over 130 trees on their small site, all native species to encourage habitat creation and provide vital food sources for pollinators and birds. 

On a day-to-day basis, they use refillable, eco cleaning products and toiletries to reduce our toxic chemical use and single-use plastics. Sheets are air-dried to avoid unnecessary electricity use and recycling is done wherever possible, and they provide local wood and all-natural firelighters for their guests to use. Finally, all the food provided inside the huts is sourced as locally as possible. 

James Johnsen, Director and Head of Private Clients at Church House said "Goathill Farm is a super business and Annabel has a great passion for offering visitors an escape in the countryside that does not come at a cost to the local environment.

As investment managers, we place significant importance on environmental, social and governance credentials when selecting companies as holdings for our funds. It is therefore great to celebrate a local business making such a positive impact”.

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