So far 2022 has proven to be an incredibly troubled year, reflected in the pod topics. This week In the Markets with Fred & Rory, the Fund Managers look at some of the positives, starting with capitalism versus Vladimir Putin.

We have all been shocked and saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but who are some of the companies that have taken a stand against Russia? Another positive that one could argue, is that in the face of such horror, governments and NATO have never been so unified.

What are the Rule of Law and Money Heaven principles and why do we adhere to them?

As investment is pulled from Russia, what are the ethical implications of this on the citizens of Russia? Does it impact them more than the government the sanctions are aimed at? What do tech, alcohol and athleisure have in common? Why has the M&S franchise run into hot water? What to make of Shell’s $5 billion Russian write-downs and BP’s $25 billion impairment on Rosneft? Tune in to find out.

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