Solving the problem of Absolute Return investing

The Targeted Absolute Return sector is full of funds that take many different approaches to how they deliver on their objectives. The problem for fund selectors is cutting through the noise and understanding exactly how each manager works.

James Mahon, Church House CEO and co-manager of the Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund, explains how we take a straightforward approach to managing an Absolute Return Fund.

Why Tenax?

A short slide presentation for fund selectors on the benefits of the Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund

From the key messages to long-term performance and from the investment process to asset allocation, this presentation provides a concise introduction to the fund. 

Delivering diversification and defending downside risk

What the Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund offers fund selectors

In a sector dominated by complex products, the Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund is notable for its straightforward approach to investing. It is based on three core principles: a clear performance objective, over a specified time period partnered with appropriate controls to minimise volatility.

Operating as multi-asset solution, Tenax has enjoyed significant growth in recent years having attracted the attention of fund selectors looking for a defensive holding in their portfolios to protect against the worst extremes of market volatility. With its origins in a private investor portfolio, where the primary need was for long-term preservation of capital, the management style is one of patience in pursuit of the returns investors expect without the shocks they fear.

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