Seeking capital growth from investment into UK smaller companies

Key strengths

Our Deep Value Investment Fund is the brainchild of Jeroen Bos, an advocate of the ‘Value Investing’ philosophy, first promoted by Benjamin Graham in his 1949 book ‘The Intelligent Investor’.

The fund aims to invests in companies that trade at material discounts to their net asset value (NAV), seeking to establish a “margin of safety”. These businesses will typically have strong balance sheets and low levels of debt.

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Distressed companies

Investing in companies with challenges but with a clear recovery potential

Focus on fundamentals

Identifying companies whose assets exceed their liabilities

Prioritising growth

Suitable for those investors who can tolerate volatility in exchange for high growth potential

Extensive research

Nature of the fund necessitates a high volume of research and attention to detail

Concentrated portfolio

The manager operates the fund with a modest number of stocks

Manager experience

Jeroen Bos is a respected and well established figure in the world of 'Value Investing'

Jeroen Bos: Manager and author

Value Investing now in its second edition

Jeroen is the author of 'Deep Value Investing - Finding bargain shares with big potential' and in the book he provides a candid and revealing guide to the secrets of deep value investment. The lastest iteration includes a brand-new foreword by respected financial journalists, Merryn Somerset Webb entitled 'Let the market come to you'.

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How to invest

In addition to being available through our Portfolio Services the funds are accessible to Investment Professionals, such as Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers, through a range of platforms. Plus individuals and instituions can make direct investments.