Church House Fund Manager, Rory Campbell-Lamerton talks to Investment Week and discusses recent political activity and the impact on markets

Rory explained that 2018 has seen another spring dominated by political manoeuvrings, in particular the return of 'The Italian Question'.

Going on to examine the recent events in Italy more closely, he shared details of how the fall out impacted on bonds in that country and more generally in Northern Europe. 

Amidst this backdrop, Rory cited floating rate notes as the happiest credit instrument to be in due to their hedge against rising interest rates, low volatility and high liquidity. 

Away from Europe, his report touched on the poor outcomes of the G7 summit and potential trade war risks before he went on to highlight his Bull and Bear points for markets right now. 

Bull Points

  • Floating rate notes offer a hedge against rising interest rates, low volatility and high liquidity
  • Northern European bond markets have soared

Bear Points

  • Political risk is rising globally and in the eurozone
  • Threats of a trade war

Read the full article here.

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