With the news that Vladimir Putin is sending troops to “peacekeep” in East Ukraine, we felt it was apt to look at investing in times of war for the latest In the Markets with Fred & Rory podcast.

Historically it has been proven that in a long, drawn-out build up to war, stocks prices can plummet and, when war finally breaks out, stock prices can rocket. A phenomenon known as the War Puzzle. As we have often said, in times of panic or uncertainty, markets fluctuate.

How did the stock market perform during WWI and WWII? Can wars really impact markets? How much debt did the UK develop over that period? And could we be due to repeat the roaring ’20s market boom from last century?

Whilst the news is not good for anyone, we can only hope that the situation in the Ukraine is resolved quickly and does not escalate further. Tune in to find out how markets fared through two world wars, regional disputes and why emerging markets are often affected the most.

If you have any questions, please email podcast@church-house.co.uk

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