Quarterly Tenax Fund Manager Update

Video updates for professional advisers from co-managers James Mahon and Jeremy Wharton, hosted by Church House Sales Director Sam Liddle.

James and Jerry share their thoughts on key macro issues, activity in the fund, current positioning and the outlook going forward, whilst Sam covers recent performance.

January - March 2020

We review the period that started with a Boris bounce and ended with Covid-19 triggered market volatility

Sam shares an update on how the fund has historically performed in times of significant market falls while Jerry Wharton outlines why Tenax was cautiously positioned before the market correction. James Mahon goes through the steps the managers took as markets fell indiscriminately including some example transactions. The update also includes the case for AAA rated floating rate notes and bond investing in this climate. 

October - December 2019

In this recording of our live webinar we review the period that is the run up to the end of the calendar year.

Topics covered include 2019 performance, high asset prices, allocation to money market instruments and concerns over long-duration risk