Delivering the best of both worlds

Key strengths

For many people investing is not exclusively for growth or income as they have a need for both. This fund is designed for just that scenario seeking to deliver long-term capital growth together with a rising income. 

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Rising income

Ideal holding for investors seeking to generate an income that keeps pace with rising prices

100% UK denominated

Principally invested in UK equities, but a proportion is held in fixed interest securities

Long-term growth potential

The manager is aiming to grow capital over the long-term whilst also generating that increasing income

FTSE 100 Bias

Focus on investing in those companies that form the FTSE 100

How to invest

In addition to being available through our Portfolio Services the funds are accessible to Investment Professionals, such as Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers, through a range of platforms. Plus individuals and instituions can make direct investments.