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Church House Investment Management (Church House) is a private and independent investment management company. In brief we offer investment management services for private individuals and family groups, including their ISAs, pension funds, trusts and charitable foundations.

We do not define relationships with our clients by the size of their investable assets. Our prime concern is to establish whether there is an essential ‘fit’ between a prospective client and our service.

Building relationships with a small group of long-term clients is more important to us than maintaining a short-term relationship with a large number.


It has always been fundamental to our ethos that we are accountable to our clients and their advisers for our actions and remain of a size where every client matters to us.  We are perhaps unusual in that the majority of our own wealth and that of our families and pension schemes is invested alongside our clients, in exactly the same way and at the same cost. People and advisers meeting us for the first time appear to find our openness and transparency rather refreshing.

Our focus is on risk management and the provision of returns to match our clients’ needs and (reasonable!) expectations.  To achieve this we recognise the need to deliver returns to an expected level of risk. 

A natural corollary of this is clear communication and a close relationship. 


Although we have antecedents dating back to 1792, Church House was incorporated as an independent company in 1999. The directors and senior staff hold the majority of the shares with The Cayzer Trust Company being the largest single minority shareholder.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.